First & foremost…


Hey boo. Welcome to Clean Beauty for Black Girls. I’m Hannah.

I stumbled into clean beauty when I started to lose my hair. Doctor after doctor said nothing was wrong & that I should settle in for thinning hair being a part of my getting older. Nevermind that I was in my early 30’s & the elders in my family had full heads of hair.

Test after test & all the bloodwork showed my body was operating just fine. At least on paper that is. The problem was that my hair was still falling out. Not thinning. It was late at night in a deep dive into the internet that I came toe-to-toe with the truth. Companies have been lying by omission to us for years. Our health and safety is not a concern to them. (No surprise, really)

 It’s because of this lack of awareness that we’ve been unintentionally pumping our bodies full of harmful toxins and chemicals.

Did you know:

  • More than 75% of the products marketed to black women contain ingredients known to be harmful or potentially dangerous

  • The term “natural” is for anyone to use freely. There is currently no regulation on the term in relation to products

  • Out of the products for black women that fell under the categories of hair relaxer, hair color, lipstick, concealer, foundation, & SPF makeup NONE of them were low hazard (per EWG investigation). Not one.

We deserve the truth.

We deserve products that don’t make us sick.

So I’m here. To help. To share facts & studies. To share products. To share ideas.  

When we know better, we can do better.

Join me. Won’t you?

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