The Benefits of Jamaican Castor Oil

So what IS Jamaican Castor Oil? 

Castor Plant.jpg

It’s a version, if you will, of Castor Oil.

Castor oil is a pale oil that is extracted from the seeds of the castor plant.

Jamaican Castor Oil, on the other hand, goes by a more traditional method of extraction. 

The seeds are roasted before being ground down. The remaining crushed beans are then boiled with water. By boiling it on a wood fire & crushing them first, the result is a thick, dark oil.

Fun fact, the color actually comes from the ash that comes from the burning process! And it’s the ash that makes it alkaline. 

So why use it? 

For starters, your skin, hair & health will probably thank you for doing so! And that’s incentive enough for me!

If that's not enough, let me tell you a few reasons why people use jamaican castor oil...


By using jamaican castor oil during your cleansing step, you could help the inflammation that comes with acne. Rub it on your face and wipe off with a steaming washcloth. 

Dry Lips

Mix this gold with beeswax, butter and essential oils to make your own lip balm.


Jamaican black castor oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties that can help stop the spread of bacteria and help treat skin infections.


When rubbing on scar tissue, Jamaican castor oil will discourage new skin growth and help remove the scar tissue.

Hair Moisture

Jamaican black castor oil has vitamin 3, omega-6 fatty acids and omega-9 fatty acids. These help to retain moisture and address itchy scalp. Mix equal parts olive oil and Jamaican castor oil.

Hair Strength

Think less thinning! Jamaican castor oil helps to promote a healthy scalp and strong hair roots. Some of these growth benefits come from the ricinoleic acid that is known for increasing blood circulation. In addition, the antioxidants are what supporthe keratin in your hair.

Try mixing with jojoba oil for an overnight hair mask! 

Thicken eyebrows & eyelashes (I stan!)

Stimulates the growth by strengthening the follicle. 

Use applicator brushes to put it on both before you go to bed at night. 


Helps to stimulate movement in your intestines. Because listen, we’ve all been there.

Joint Pain

Remember those rice filled sacks our parents would put on sore muscles. Well, this is better. Soak a piece of fabric (like flannel) with warm Jamaican castor oil and place on your sore muscles. 


It’s been known to (boldly) cure it even! Rub just a bit of Jamaican castor oil on your eyelids. 

Because of the process it goes through to come to use in a perfectly packaged bottle, it is less toxic than the more commercial created castor oil (the pale yellow) stuff. 

That’s what makes it the cleaner option. 

Have I convinced you to add this powerhouse to your beauty routine? 

Are there other ways you’ve found to use it? 

Share with us! We want to hear from you.

Remember. You’re responsible for your health.

Choose you. 

Slay on, sis

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